Our research group is involved in a number of projects funded by the US National Science Foundation (NSF), U.S. Department of Defense, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Cisco, HP Labs - HPE, and Huawei Inc.

Select Projects:

  1. Our NSF CRI grant provides continued support for OpenNetVM that was jointly developed by our group at the University of California Riverside and Tim Wood's group at George Washington University. Network Function Virtualization is a "disruptive" technology that changes networks to a software-defined infrastructure offering flexible services with network functions supported by software containers. OpenNetVM is an open-source software platform that seeks to lower the barrier for researchers wishing to explore challenges in this area, and for developers wishing to evaluate new types of network services. OpenNetVM is open-sourced,  and we encourage others to adopt and contribute to it.
  2. Our grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) supports our work on “Modeling and Development of Resilient Communication”. I lead a team that includes PIs from University of Central Florida, University of Illinois, Chicago and Rutgers University. This project seeks to model and develop resilient communication for first responders in disaster management. This work is funded by NIST's Public Safety Innovation Accelerator Program. Refer to the project web page for recent progress.
  3. We also were awarded a NSF JUNO-2 grant with our collaborators in Japan to study the important role of social media and volunteers during and in the aftermath of disasters. This project will enhance communication frameworks with the use of social networks for hyper-local assistance from first responders and volunteers, keeping in mind security and trust.
  4. We have an NSF JUNO-3 grant jointly with Tim Wood from George Washington University and our collaborators in Japan to study how to leverage heterogeneous programmable data planes for security and privacy of cellular networks for 5G & beyond. Utilizing multiple dataplane devices (programmable switches and smartNICs and efficient host software built around OpenNetVM), we will develop an efficient and performant cellular network security solution.
  5. We are part of a Department of Defense (DoD) Center of Excellence at UCR (NC4), working on Networked Configurable Command, Control and Communications for Rapid Situational Awareness. Our focus is on efficient and agile network system support, extending our ideas on software-based networking, improving resilience in software defined networks and taking advantage of diverse and heterogeneous network links using multipath transport.
  6. We have active collaborations with industry, including Cisco and HPE.



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